Wellness Solutions

Wellness Solutions: Grow with Your Changing Body

As young as age 10, our flexibility begins to decline. At 20, our other physical abilities begin to degenerate. And at 40, rapid deterioration begins.

In other words, our strength, endurance, and other measures of physical well-being diminish with age. Unfortunately, there’s nothing anyone can do to totally stop the aging process. But fortunately, there are ways you can mitigate the tolls it takes on your body—and lifestyle—and prepare yourself for the challenges you will face with each year that passes.

The Wellness Program at Blue Sky Therapy was carefully developed to help patients bypass some of the pitfalls of aging. By encouraging changes to the way they think, eat, exercise, and live, it enables patients of all ages, from pre-teens to seniors, to “grow” with their changing bodies, so that they can maximize their physical abilities, minimize adverse effects, and, ultimately, improve their life quality.


Improve Your Mindset, Strength, Flexibility, and Balance

Our Wellness Program centers on four core areas that, when worked on together, can help you achieve better overall well-being regardless of age or beginning level of ability. These four core areas are:

  • Mindset and Wellness. Put simply, what you do—or don’t do—to or with your body has a major impact both on your specific abilities and your overall well-being. Therefore, to get the most out of your body and age as “gracefully” as possible, you must change your mindset and focus your thinking on wellness. By doing so, you will not only improve your physical abilities, but, also, your self-image, and you will gain the confidence of knowing that you are doing everything possible to help yourself both now and in the future.
  • Strength and Wellness. Strength training comes with many benefits. It can help delay the early onset of physical decline and loss of muscle mass; repair and help increase muscle cells; increase blood flow; and increase bone density. What’s more, it will improve your self-esteem, overall sense of well-being, and general outlook on life, all of which will promote more active socialization and community participation.
  • Flexibility and Wellness. As we age, our flexibility diminishes, making it harder—and more painful—to complete daily activities. Our Wellness Program will teach you age- and situation-appropriate stretching exercises, to help you maintain, and hone, your flexibility, thereby enabling you to complete more everyday tasks with less discomfort and giving you a powerful tool to deal with your sore, stiff joints and aching muscles.
  • Balance and Wellness. For many seniors, one of their greatest fears is falling—and some of them even isolate to avoid it. Our Wellness Program can give you the key you need to unlock your personal prison. Through balance training, fall prevention training, and other exercises, you can build your weak muscles, decrease stiffness, and maintain/increase your range of motion, so that you are less likely to fall and more likely to successfully recover if you do.
Wellness Solutions for Seniors

Be the Best You

It’s never too early or too late to get your body in better shape for aging. No matter where you are in life, our therapists will help you get a more stable footing.