Blue Sky Therapy is all about educating YOU! 

We partner with industry experts as well as bringing in our own team to provide you educational and informational webinars on all the hot topics in the industry. 

Blue Sky Therapy is devoted to educating partners, employees, and the entire long-term care industry! 

Happy Birthday, PDPM!: A Year in Review

We cannot believe PDPM is ONE already!  This webinar highlights key takeaways from the first 12 months of the new reimbursement model. 


How to Succeed Post- PDPM Implementation

Now that it has been over 90 days since the implementation of PDPM, there are several takeaways from the transition that have emerged watch our webinar to learn more!

5 Key Questions to Ask Your Therapy Provider

We hosted an educational webinar to address current therapy service trends and needs of Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living, Home Health, and Outpatient Services to help you ask the right questions of your therapy provider, whether in-house or contracted services.

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PDGM: Effective. Efficient. Outcome-Driven care. 

This new payment model will create both opportunities and challenges for nurses, therapists, suppliers, and HH administrators.  Understanding the various components and how they interact with each other will be critical to the transition to PDGM. Watch our webinar to learn more!

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