Speech Therapy

Speech Therapists Help With More Than Speaking

When most people hear the term “speech therapist”, they think of someone who helps individuals improve their ability to talk and articulate. While it is true that speech therapists do help individuals resolve these issues, they also do a lot more to help individuals suffering from other problems.

Specific disorders for which Speech Therapists provide treatment include:

  • Speech disorders
  • Language disorders
  • Social communication disorders
  • Cognitive-communicative disorders
  • Swallowing disorders
Blue Sky Therapy in Ohio and Florida

Where can you find Blue Sky Speech Therapy Services?


Skilled Nursing Facilities
Skilled Nursing Facilities

Assisted Living Facilities
Assisted Living Facilities

Home Health Agencies
Home Health Agencies

Benefits of Blue Speech Therapy:


Improve Communication

Our Goal is to help individuals improve the ability to express wants/needs within all environments at appropriate level. This may include speech, voice, receptive or expressive language. We can also tailor communication boards if needed and provide education on hearing.

Navigate Safe Intake

In many cases individuals may experience swallowing disorders, dental issues, or even the desire to determine if current diet/liquids are safe and appropriate. Let our SLP’s provide recommendations and if needed facilitate swallowing exercises or Vital Stim treatment. This treatment is top notch and uses electrical stimulation in conjunction with traditional exercises to strengthen and restore swallowing functions. 

Facilitate Strategies for Memory

Whether in the home or at a facility we have strategies that enhance memory skills at every level and excellent education provided to caregivers on an individual’s Best Ability to Function.

We Provide Personalized Care and Use Premier Technology

Our Speech Therapists will use their expert tools of evaluation to assess and diagnose patients and will come up with a symptom-specific treatment program to help them achieve their goals. In many cases, out therapists use VitalStim Technology, a premier technology that uses electrical stimulation, in conjunction with traditional exercises, to strengthen and restore swallowing function.