Occupational Therapy

Regain Function and Hope Through Occupational Therapy

When “life as you know it” suddenly changes, and patients can no longer do the things they once could, it can be very frustrating. Sadly, many people in such situations acquiesce to their impairment. After having a stroke, brain trauma, or other major life event, they feel overwhelmed by the difficulty of things that were once simple and assume that they will never regain function. But their assumption is wrong. Through occupational therapy, they can regain function. Our occupational therapists are here to help.


Benefits of Blue Sky Occupational Therapy:


One on One Customized Treatment Plan

Our occupational therapists work one on one with each patient and their family (where applicable) to develop a customized treatment plan to accomplish personal goals that are meaningful to them.


Our goal is to help patients who are challenged by everyday life to learn essential skills, to restore function, and to regain independence, so that they can live productive and fulfilling lives.

Regain Daily-Living Abilities

Our therapists focus on helping patients who have experienced a life event that has left them both physically or cognitively challenged to regain daily living abilities, such as dressing, grooming, and eating.

Integrate Into
the World

Our therapists work on integrating patients into the world by assisting them with tasks required for education, living independently, community/social activities, and/or seeking employment.

Where can you find Blue Sky Occupational Therapy Services?


Physical Therapy
Skilled Nursing Facilities

Occupational Therapy
Assisted Living Facilities

Speech Therapy
Home Health Agencies

Physical Therapy Clinics

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