Employee Testimonials

At Blue Sky Therapy, we go to extra lengths to show our employees how much they mean to us. We are proud to have touched so many lives and made a difference, as recounted in their testimonials.

“Renee (Owner/CEO) and the entire Blue Sky therapy organization has been like a second family to me for the last 10 years, I couldn’t imagine working for another company and look forward to the next 10 years and beyond!”

Aaron Dobich, LPTA – Rehab Manager

“I have been with this company for almost 10 years and have seen many changes in the industry. If there is one thing I can say about Blue Sky is that they have tackled those hurdles with confidence, with professional wit and wisdom, and have paved the way for the excellence in the therapy field. In a world of many companies decreasing their workforce, Blue Sky has seen growth and development in many areas, which is so important for the employees and their futures. I feel that the premier leadership of this company and their belief in the mission of quality, integrity, excellence and the all-important innovation (Spectra) sets the stage for all the levels that span out into the various fields of service in the therapy world with confidence. I’m proud to be employed by BST, as I feel so inspired by our excellent Clinical Services team. Their hands-on knowledge and visibility allows me to feel that I have as strong team behind me every step of the way. Also, the new Marketing team has brought new and interesting concepts that will flourish into our future years in this competitive industry. I’ll just say this……… THANK YOU BLUE SKY, YOU’RE AWESOME!!”

Janis Patterson, PTA – Rehab Manager

“Blue Sky Therapy is a wonderful company to work for. I have worked in several states and for several companies as a PT, but have stayed with Blue Sky for over 10 years because no other company puts the time and resources into their employees than Blue Sky does. They treat their employees like family and value and appreciate all that they do.”

Kathy Boyarko, PT, CDP, ATRIC

“I love that Blue Sky Therapy is therapist owned and operated and that their administration sees the value in their employees. I have seen countless times in which treating therapists get growth opportunities to advance their career and learn new skills. Blue Sky also works hard to stay as a leader in patient care with their centers of excellence programs. I can speak from experience that I have grown both professionally and personally during my time at Blue Sky Therapy.”

Jim Marlowe, COTA

“This is my third week at Countryside, I have had a great experience during this time. The therapy team was so helpful throughout my learning experience with answering all my questions and giving me great advice. The staff made sure I was comfortable before I tried anything new, and were always right there beside me to assist. I am very confident that I now have a better understanding of the profession. I am very grateful for the time at your facility and the experience I gained.”

Student at North East Mercyhurst

“I can’t tell you how much I love, love, love my job and working for Blue Sky! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to do what I enjoy!”


“Blue Sky doesn’t just care for the facilities we serve, but also for their employees AND their family members. I love working for Blue Sky for this reason- and SO many others.”

Rehab Manager

“I want to thank you immensely for the opportunity to spend 15 weeks during my clinical internship at one of your locations. During this time, I was taught several invaluable lessons that have allowed me to grow as a clinician. I was provided a wonderful mentor and role model for me to learn from. I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity. I look forward to speaking with you about the possibility of employment in the future upon completion of my DPT program.”

PT Student

“I have never felt more appreciated by a company that I work for. I always feel listened to and respected. Blue Sky Therapy stands by what they say, in all ways.”

Rehab Manager

“I enjoy working for Blue Sky Therapy (Home Health) because we have the opportunity to follow the patient from skilled care to home for continuity of care. I also like it because you can see the patient in their living environment and plan your treatment specific to what they are having trouble with in their home.”