Blue Sky Therapy – Champion, OH

Here’s what our patients have said about Blue Sky Outpatient – Champion, OH. We are thankful for their kind words and continue to strive for excellence in service.

“Tina ,Ben and Scott has helped me reach my goals every time I have sent to Blue Sky Therapy. If you are in need of therapy, I would highly recommend this team!”

Donna B.

“The therapists really make you work, which is in your best interest. They also truly care about their patients”.

Linda S.

“I am now able to bend my knee to a measurement of 112! My leg is stronger, so I am now able to walk pain-free and longer distances. Thanks to everyone for helping me heal after surgery!”

Deborah M.

“I was very impressed with the treatment and would not hesitate to tell family and friends to go to Blue Sky Therapy. I had a very good experience at Blue Sky and I feel I made great progress with the help of the therapists!”

Tim H.

“Just a little letter to let you know how GREAT your employees are! I was going to therapy by my house and my granddaughter told me to go to Blue Sky Therapy because they are the BEST! So, I cancelled my other therapy and called my doctor and said I wanted to go to Blue Sky! They really are the B-E-S-T!!!!! They are caring, helpful and they really make you feel like part of the family. The job they do is so wonderful!!! I just cannot put into words all they have done for me! I NEVER thought I would have full use of my arm again and I do!!!”

Harriet G.

“I came to Blue Sky Therapy with severe arthritis in my left hip and moderate arthritis in my right hip. Walking was becoming difficult. After only two sessions of therapy my range of motion was noticeably better. It’s not a magic bullet. You do have to do some exercises at home, but the outcome is worth it.”

Linda S.