Patient-Driven Payment Model


Be a part of a 5 STAR EXPERIENCE in the new Patient-Driven Payment Model and collaborate with Blue Sky Therapy!

On October 1, 2019, the new SNF reimbursement method, the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM), went into effect. This new case-mix model focuses on the patient’s condition and resulting care needs rather than on the amount of care provided. To receive full Medicare payment, Skilled Nursing Facilities will need to have expertise and skill sets to:

  • Fully understand the PDPM model and factors for reimbursement
  • Identify the primary reason of the patient’s Skilled Nursing stay
  • Accurately capture and document patient characteristics
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Collaborative Strategy for PDPM

Therapy impacts 4 of the 5 reimbursement components of the PDPM: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, and Non-Therapy Ancillary.

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Alphabet Soup

There are 11 key components of the MDS that determine reimbursement and capture the care/resources needed to provide for your patients. Accurately capturing these key components on the initial MDS will allow your team and ours to appropriately care for the patient to achieve the best possible outcome.

At Blue Sky Therapy, these key components are what we refer to as the Alphabet Soup. Therapy impacts 9 of the 11 components: MDS Sections B, C, D, GG, I, J, K, M, and O.

Blue Sky Therapy

Blue Sky



Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup



Quality Therapy Outcomes

Quality Outcomes



Data-Driven Therapy Services


PDPM: Education

Webinar 1: PDPM For Administrators/Owners: How To Succeed Post-Implementation

  • Reimbursement and Billing
  • ICD-10 Coding 
  • Rate Calculator
  • And more!

Webinar 2: 5 Key Questions To Ask Your Therapy Provider

- Quality Assurance Measures

- Operational Efficiencies

- Reimbursement

- PDPM Updates

- Partnership and Marketing




Blue Sky Therapy’s Proactive
Support for PDPM Success:


Core Values

Do what is right at all times and do it better than anyone! Our mission is to maintain the highest level of patient-driven quality care at all times and demonstrate uncompromised integrity and excellence through a family of dedicated professionals who are valued, cared for, and empowered with innovation.

Achieving Quality Outcomes

Blue Sky Therapy began its commitment to capturing outcome data in 2014. At that time, all our therapists received training and competency-based certification, which was an expensive and expansive undertaking that few therapy companies have attempted to implement. This comprehensive process of educating, training, and certifying our therapists as outcome specialists continues today.


We are excited to introduce Blue Sky Therapy Rehab Care Managers. As an integral member of the care team, we have redesigned the role of our Rehab Care Managers to reflect the changing care delivery model under PDPM. As always with Blue Sky, we will provide only compliant driven care. We will collaborate and provide patient driven information that reflects the care and resources to be captured for the best possible treatment and outcome.

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Blue Skies Ahead

We are one of the few, very proud owners of extensive outcome data! Because of this, Blue Sky Therapy is thrilled to have some of the best patient outcomes in the nation. We will continue to provide the highest level of care to provide the best possible outcome as evidenced in our results. Guaranteed results as we are a part of the care team and the outcome! The decisions we make today, as a care team, will impact your referrals, your patient outcomes, your reimbursement, and ultimately your survival in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. That’s the Blue Sky Therapy Guarantee! RIGHT care by RIGHT professionals in the RIGHT amount of time!

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