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Therapist owned-and-operated since 1986, Blue Sky Therapy is the most collaborative partner in outpatient clinic acquisitions and partnerships.  Committed to positive patient outcomes, we help practice owners and their patients get that Blue Sky feeling.

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stress reducing support
Stress-Reducing Back End Support
We offer back-end support that clinic owners need, including scheduling, billing, outcome reporting, marketing, human resources and more.
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collaborative clinical delivery
Collaborative Clinical Delivery
Instead of offering a cookie-cutter delivery system of a large organization, we collaborate with you to best meet the needs of your patients.
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competitive compensation
Flexible and Competitive Compensation
We offer competitive compensation options with flexible deal structures including upfront cash, stock options, or payments over time.
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positive patient outcome
Positive Patient Outcomes
We maximize positive patient outcomes through our ability to educate and communicate with patients on a personalized plan of care.
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A Clinic Owner Talking to Other Clinic Owners

Meet Tim, a clinic owner who embarked on the daunting journey of transitioning his practice. Watch this video where he explains the challenges that came with selling his practice to a large national organization, the benefits of partnering with Blue Sky Therapy, and some advice he would give to any clinic owner.

Watch Webinar: 6 Things to Consider Before Selling Your PT Practice

We're Here to Support You At Every Stage

Hi, I’m Donny, Business Development Manager at Blue Sky Therapy. My staff and I help provide stress-reducing support to clinic owners who are looking transition their practice. Whether you're ready to partner now or sometime down the road, we encourage you to reach out and schedule a time on my calendar for a discussion around whether Blue Sky Therapy is a good fit for you and your practice. 

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Life for me includes a goal to enjoy my career as much as my life outside of work.  When you are employed by a company with a capable team it is a pleasure to accomplish this together.  Blue Sky Therapy helps me meet my goal and hopefully I assist the organization to accomplish success in their objectives as well.  I am grateful for this partnership.

Patti Young
PT, Clinic Director

I sold my practice to Blue Sky Therapy three years ago and continue to work for them as a physical therapist.  They have been a company who has demonstrated a strong dedication to providing optimal health care with a sincerely caring and empathetic approach, and are a pleasure to work with.  They have been accommodating and very helpful with me to change my work and home life scheduling to spend more time with my family.

Gaynell Anderson
Former Clinic Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

It's important to be on the same page with clinic owners who are interested in selling. Here are some of the most asked questions by practice owners who are considering the possibility of transitioning their practice, either soon or sometime down the road:

What are the benefits of selling?
A sale and/or partnership with a larger organization can bring a variety of benefits your way. Whether you are looking to take some of the proverbial “chips off the table” to mitigate the risk associated with being an independent owner, or you are looking to continue growing your practice and just can’t do it alone, partnering with Blue Sky Therapy will allow you to have renewed focus on what matters most. Most often that means removing much of the owner/admin burden (think billing, scheduling, HR, equipment, software, marketing, etc.) and allowing PTs to focus on quality and effective patient care, growing their practice, and spending more time with family.
What changes should I anticipate?
A core determinant of success is predicated upon aligning existing culture with any anticipated changes. Ultimately, our goal is to change or disrupt as little of the existing culture as possible. We work to streamline areas where we have strong existing processes like scheduling, billing, reporting, and marketing and we do it in a way in which we focus on growth and the overall success of a practice. To date, our model is to keep the name of the existing practice and allow the goodwill of that brand to continue growing in the community it is rooted within.
What will my role be after the sale?
We have partnered with owners who wanted to stay on board and continue treating or transition into a larger role within Blue Sky Therapy. We have also partnered with practices where the owner wanted to find someone to take over the day-to-day operations so they could head toward the golden years of retirement. That’s a conversation we have with each owner to figure out what makes the most sense for their situation.
What is included in the suite of services provided to partners?
Some of the comprehensive suite of services we offer include:
  • Over 500+ continuing education courses through our online learning platform
  • Provider relations/Contract negotiation
  • Compliance Department
  • Credentialing
  • Digital and liaison marketing
  • Outcome reporting
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Recruiting
  • Excellence in revenue cycle management and collections
What makes Blue Sky Therapy different than other groups I’ve talked to?
Well, we might be biased…. but, a lot! The majority of companies completing acquisitions are large entities typically backed by private equity AKA investors. With that ownership dynamic often comes intrinsic cultural differences. Blue Sky Therapy is a privately held and PT owned company… since 1986! That’s right… we have stayed the course for well over three decades and continue to put the patient at the center of everything we do and it shows in the relationships we’ve built with partners and patients. The biggest difference revolves around the family culture we’ve created and how that translates into stellar patient satisfaction and outcomes. We strive to build partnering relationships with like-minded owners who see the benefit of joining a larger organization, but don’t want to lose their voice and become a blip in some massive company and value the importance of maintaining the culture they’ve created.

How do we give clinic owners that Blue Sky feeling?