Spectra: Bridging Communication Gaps for More Effective Care

Blue Sky Therapy is proud to offer the Care App by Spectra. This valuable tool is an innovative, HIPPA-compliant way for patients, their families, therapists, and other providers to communicate about patient care in a highly efficient manner.

Patients have ownership of all communications regarding their care, so they can invite whomever they want to be a part of their Care conversation, regardless of their organization—and they can rest assured that no one else, other than their providers and those they invited, can access their information.

Blue Sky Therapy sends out weekly status updates to patient families using Spectra, keeping them appraised of their loved one’s treatment. Our therapists, partners, and other providers further use the app to communicate and collaborate with each other, by sharing updates, asking questions, and posting photos, among other things. In this way, everyone invested in the patient’s care is kept “in the loop,” whether they’re across the building or across the world.

Spectra provides value in many capacities. The Care App:

The Care App by Spectra is very easy to use and is instantly usable on any device, from computers to smartphones.

We live and work toward patient total health and success every single day.

“The friendliness and compassion of each therapist has for every patient is remarkable. They are very knowledgeable about every aspect of therapy. They listened to my concerns and did an excellent job! Blue Sky really cares about their patients!”
“All the therapists are courteous and care for their patient’s well-being and progress.”
“I love those girls in therapy and I truly do not know what I would have done without them. They are my angels, each and every one of them. What a wonderful experience I had with them, we laughed and cried and hurt together, but it sure was worth it as I am going back home to live. I never thought I would ever live alone again and they made my dreams come true! I would and will recommend HCV with the therapy girls from BlueSky to everyone I come in contact with and I can really talk a lot. Thank you for giving me my life back!”
“I really appreciated the kindness and support of all the therapists for PT, OT and ST. Thank you for a wonderful first therapy experience!”
“I wouldn’t be going home today if it wasn’t for all the great therapy and care I received. The therapists were extremely helpful with providing me with information and techniques on ways of getting around once I was home.”
“I’ve had therapy before, but your therapists are the happiest people and actually make therapy FUN! Thank you for a great experience!”
“I will miss everyone that worked with me! Their expertise is exceptional! I recommend Blue Sky over anywhere else! Thank you for helping me get to have a normal life again!”
“I loved the way the therapists praised and encouraged my efforts to meet each new challenge!”
“The atmosphere in the therapy room was always relaxed, which made me very comfortable. It was a pleasure to work with all of the therapists!”
“Therapists were encouraging and supportive of my needs. They pushed me to keep me moving forward in my rehabilitation at a pace that was positive. Everyone was very upbeat!”