In-House Therapy Management

Bringing cost savings and 150+ years of management oversight to your in-house team to help manage and measure every aspect of success.

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Can it work for you?

The in-house therapy management model is not for all facilities/organizations.  When it comes to a successful and fruitful rehab department there is far more to it than just staffing some therapists and assistants and having patients for them to see.  Managing ALL aspects of the department are critical elements to success and with the recent changes under PDPM and continued rate cuts on the horizon, a tenured partner can make a huge impact on both the clinical and financial success of your therapy department.

Our partnership with Blue Sky Therapy brings industry expertise and alignment with our organization's goals.  They provide consistent oversight of our therapy departments with strategies for cost containment and optimization of revenue, which are supported by a strong clinical model and customized educational resources.

Joe Cilone, RN, NHA, HSE

How can we help?

Our Executive Management and Operations team has well over a century and a half of combined post-acute rehab experience spanning all aspects of operations.  Most of our team has worked their way from staff level therapist, to rehab manager roles, to regional and executive positions that now oversee daily operations for the entire company.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's important to understand the full scope of implications associated with bringing a rehab department in-house and understanding the scope of service that comes with a management partner.  Some of the most common questions we encounter are:

What are the benefits of an In-House Management model?

While this approach may not be suitable for all organizations, there are times when bringing a rehab department in-house can prove beneficial in a variety of ways.  Several critical factors that have lead organizations to transition to in-house management models relate to cost savings, internalizing accountability, and creating a branded culture by mitigating outsourced staff.  

What changes should I anticipate?

Likely the largest change is related to bringing on more staff to be internally managed by your organization and what that can mean.  This transition means new payroll and benefit expenses, HR processes, the ability to find coverage in calamity situations, and other odds and ends associated with internalizing new staff.  While change will happen, the benefit of a management model means that reporting, education, and many other aspects of managing your rehab team will not be on your plate.

How much will I save?

There are a variety of factors that ultimately dictate what an annual cost savings could mean for your organization.  With just a few pieces of information our team can run analysis to estimate what an anticipated savings could be for you.  Two notable examples saw a singular 86 bed SNF saving $170,000 annually and another 8 chain group was predicted to save close to $1,000,000 a year. 

What is included in your management offerings?
Some of the comprehensive suite of services we offer include:
  • Occupancy Accelerator™
  • Benchmark Booster™
    • Customized KPIs & Dashboard
    • Site Specific Budgets & Benchmarks
    • Five-Star Improvement Tools
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • On-Site Support
  • Denial Management Resources
  • Compliance/Risk Management Tools
  • Staff Education
What makes Blue Sky Therapy different than other groups I’ve talked to?
Well, we might be biased…. but, a lot!  With roots in the post-acute rehab space running back 35 years, our experience is unparalleled.  Our average partner has been with us nearly two decades so once we are given a chance it's clear that our performance, is too, unparalleled.  Our ability to balance bottom-line focus with clinical outcomes and operations creates a Win-Win situation for everyone.

Ready to lower your cost while still providing quality outcomes?