In-Home Therapy Services

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Are you or a loved one...

In need of a functional tune-up?

Seeking guidance for meaningful living with dementia?

Recovering from an acute illness or surgery?

Experiencing balance issues?

Living with a chronic illness?

Blue Sky therapists are here to help you restore and maintain your health directly in the comfort of your home. We believe that therapy done in the home allows for patients to restore their functional abilities on their own time and schedule without the burden of transportation and other barriers. 

  • In-home physical, speech, and occupational therapy services
  • Recovery in the comfort of your own home
  • Experienced therapists that create customized care plans to improve overall quality of life
  • Patients' progress and outcomes are bench-marked against industry standards to advance quality of care
  • Most Medicare insurances accepted 

The modern day therapy solution!

330.702.0110 ext. 102

**Eligibility based on insurance coverage and initial therapy assessment


Our team is here to chat with you about how In-Home Therapy works!