Auto and Work Injuries

Prevent Long-Term Complications from Your Auto and Work Injuries

Incurring an accident at work or in your automobile is very stressful, and many people (as well as their employers and/or insurance companies) want to “resolve” the matter as quickly as possible, so that they can get back on the road or get back to business as usual.

At Blue Sky Therapy, we recognize these goals and agree that they are very important. However, at the same time, we urge you: Please don’t rush to resolve your problems or put off seeking treatment for your injuries. Sometimes, an injury that seems minor at first can cause major problems down the line if left untreated—and, if not diagnosed soon after your accident, treatment for these related problems may not later be covered by your auto insurance or employer’s liability insurance.


Our Physical Therapists Will Help You:

Therefore, when you incur an accident at work or in your automobile, it is crucial that you consult with a physical therapist in a timely manner. In addition to preventing long-term complications and securing the integrity of your insurance claim, our physical therapists will help you:


  • Reduce your pain
  • Increase your mobility, range of motion, and function
  • Minimize the possibility of re-injury, both during healing and thereafter
  • Receive fully coordinated care from your primary doctor, case manager, insurance company, and other providers

Get Personalized Treatment to Get Your Life Back on Track

When you visit one of our physical therapy centers, your therapist will evaluate your condition and assess the immediate, and possible long-term, effects of your injury. After discussing your goals and expectations and getting a comprehensive understanding or your pre-injury abilities, she/he will develop a personalized physical therapy plan that will help you recover from your injury, so that you can get your life back on track and be confident that you are receiving effective treatment.