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Blue Sky Therapy Employee Recognition Program

The Blue Sky quarterly Employee Recognition Program, "You ROCK!", is designed so our employees can recognize the great results achieved by their teammates as well as their top tier behaviors their teammates exhibit making Blue Sky the BEST!

Blue Sky Therapy is looking for you to nominate a teammate who displays one of the Blue Sky Core Values listed in the guide below. 

Blue Sky Core Value Nomination Guide: 

  • Patient-Driven Quality:
    • Teammate goes above and beyond to collaborate with patients and understand their needs and desires.
    • Teammates prime focus is the patient's positive outcome.
  • Excellence:
    • Your teammate exhibits excellence in every endeavor to enhance the workplace and create a positive work environment and culture.
    • Your teammate sets the standard for maximizing outcomes for patient and company.

    •  Your teammate sets the standard for maximizing outcomes for patient and client facilities.

  • Integrity: 

    • Your Teammate does the right thing...ALL the time! 

  • Excellence: 

    • Your teammate continues to find solutions to ever changing needs.

    • Your teammate exhibits leadership of, or outstanding participation in,  projects that align with Blue Sky Therapy ‘s mission and core values.

If you would like to nominate an employee, please fill out the form below

The Deadline for the Third Quarter is September 30, 2017.

"You ROCK!" Nomination Form: 

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Please select which Blue Sky Core Value your teammate exhibited to deserve a nomination.
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