What our Peers Say

Employee Testimonials:

"I love working for BST and think this company is one in a million”. –Blue Sky Therapist

"I never worked with a therapy company that was as engaged and as great as Blue Sky" - Blue Sky Therapist

“I feel that my passion and commitment has been the same with every job I have ever had, but Blue Sky is the only employer that has truly reciprocated this passion and commitment. My transition to this company has been the best decision I have ever made in my career. I have never worked for someone that provides such passion and support for their employees. In every aspect of my career, I am thankful for Blue Sky Therapy”. –Blue Sky Therapy Regional Manager of Operations

“I have never felt more appreciated by a company that I work for. Blue Sky doesn’t just care for the facilities we serve, but also for their employees AND their family members. Blue Sky Therapy stands by what they say, in all ways”! -Blue Sky Therapy Site Supervisor

“To my knowledge, no other company provides what BST does with the on-going training in our facilities..so THANK YOU!” – Blue Sky Therapy Site Supervisor

"I like Blue Sky in the fact that you are known by your name and not just a number." Blue Sky Therapy Assistant Site Supervisor

"Blue Sky was very accommodating to my need as a new graduate. The recruitment process put forth a lot of effort to find a placement that best suited me with great mentorship and resources available."- Blue Sky Therapist


SNF Resident and Partner Testimonials:

"Blue Sky therapists truly had a love for their job, and when you have love it truly reflects in your work." -Resident who received therapy in a partner facility

Competence and customer service is what I look for in a therapy provider-an organization that responds promptly to my concerns but also brings any suggestions to me. That’s why I made a change to Blue Sky Therapy. I don’t know of a company that provides better service or pays more attention to its clients than Blue Sky. Equally important, Blue Sky is constantly adapting to new regulations and reimbursement and sharing this information with me. Blue Sky is a company that makes its numbers, follows through on its promise, and is always thinking one step ahead about customer needs. – Blue Sky Therapy Partner

Blue Sky Therapy is the best move we ever made here at our facility. – Blue Sky Therapy Partner

I selected Blue Sky Therapy because they were family-owned and embraced and mirrored many of my core values, namely hard work, attention to detail, providing quality service to our patients and being a good employer. - Blue Sky Therapy Partner

I am proud to recommend Blue Sky Therapy. We would not entrust the care of our residents to just anyone. Blue Sky’s strengths lie in their communication as part of our team and the focus they show on providing more than just therapy minutes. - Blue Sky Therapy Partner