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Spectra Care App

Direct Communication Between Clinicians, Patients and Families

  • Put an end to the game of telephone between the clinical team and family caregivers..

  • Spectra delivers accessible and actionable health information that is tailored to each patient's needs.

  • With Spectra, clinicians can share easy to understand treatment updates in plain English with patients and their families.

My family, all 17 of us, started using Spectra because our grandmother was in a long-term care facility in Ohio and our family is spread out all across the country. It has allowed us to all get updates from the nurses and therapists at her home in one conversation where can talk back and forth, so we all know exactly what is going on, as it happens.
— Bryanne Johnson, Granddaughter
Spectra creates a solution for families and caregivers alike where clinical information exchange can be streamlined and care planning can be accomplished in a time efficient manner.
— Valerie Greco, Clinical Services Director