Recruiting and Retention

Recruiting is the heart and soul of Blue Sky Therapy. Our dedicated team of recruiters work around the clock to ensure that your facility is fully staffed to meet your needs on day 1 of start-up, as well as keep your facility fully staffed through the year.

  • Specialize in finding licensed, highly qualified and motivated therapists
  • We work to understand and meet the needs of your facility
  • Our recruiters support no more than 20 accounts at one particular point in time
  • Systematic approach to ensure that all therapists in a particular area are not left untouched so we can find the "right fit" for your facility
  • We have the determination and commitment to retain dedicated and talented employees
  • We take pride in the high retention rate of our employees to ensure that your residents are being treated by a consistent group of therapists
  • Constant learning environment to make certain our therapists are the best trained in the industry
  • Mentorship Program for all new hires