Good Care is Now Easy to Share

Blue Sky sends weekly status updates to patient families using Spectra.

In turn, Spectra enables families to easily receive, read and reply to Blue Sky.

Spectra provides value in many capacities:

  • Improves Patient-Family Satisfaction
  • Facilitates Post-Discharge Communication
  • Enables Increased Family Communication
  • Simplifies Interdepartmental Communication
  • Increases Hospital & Physician Referrals

Peace of Mind for our Patients and Families

Our facility is proud to o er the Care App by Spectra – An innovative way for you to receive updates on your loved one’s treatment plans; from admissions to discharge. After discharge, patient’s have ownership of all communication so they can invite new caregivers to be a part of the conversation, regardless of organization.

Efficiency for our Clinical Teams

We provide HIPAA compliant collaboration to our clinical teams via the Care App by Spectra. By sharing updates, asking questions, and posting photos, each member of the care team is kept in the loop on each patient – across the building or across the world.

Successful transitions in care start with Spectra

We proudly o er the Care app by Spectra to our patients, families, and partners. The Care app is HIPAA compliant and instantly usable on any device.

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