Partner Testimonials

“Blue Sky Therapy is the best move we ever made here at our facility!”
— Nursing Home Administrator

“I would like to recommend Blue Sky Therapy for rehabilitative services (nursing home/hospital/home health/outpatient). I managed two of the largest rehab companies in the United States for 17 years. Knowing that Blue Sky addressed the needs of our residents at the same level that I would have expected at my rehabilitation companies. Blue Sky is the partner that will help you achieve your patient care and financial goals. They are a very sophisticated company that is there to help you navigate through all the rough waters in this ever changing healthcare sector”.
– C.O.O. of a Multi-Home Organization

“I don’t know of a company that provides better service or pays more attention to its clients than Blue Sky. Blue Sky is constantly adapting to new regulations and reimbursement. I can heartily recommend Blue Sky to any skilled nursing facility that is serious about building a leading therapy department.” — Nursing Home Administrator

“I selected Blue Sky Therapy because they were family-owned and embraced and mirrored many core values, namely hard work, attention to detail, providing quality service to our patients and being a good employer”
— President of a Multi-Home Organization

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