Partner Testimonials

I would like to take a moment to recommend Blue Sky Therapy for anyone’s rehabilitative services (nursing home/hospital/home health/outpatient). I was in the rehabilitation business for 17 years helping start and mange two of the largest rehab companies in the United States. Knowing that, Blue Sky addresses the needs of our residents at the same level I would have expected my rehabilitation companies. I truly see them as a partner who is always there to address any program development I would like to see and/or any additional support I require. In today’s tough financially challenging health care environment it does not make sense to take on therapy in-house. Blue Sky is the partner that will help you achieve your patient care and financial goals. They are a very sophisticated company that is there to help you navigate through all the rough waters in this ever changing health care sector.
— C.O.O. of a Multi-Home Organization
Blue Sky Therapy is the best move we ever made here at Countryside!
— Nursing Home Administrator
I don’t know of a company that provides better service or pays more attention to its clients than Blue Sky. Blue Sky is constantly adapting to new regulations and reimbursement. I can heartily recommend Blue Sky to any skilled nursing facility that is serious about building a leading therapy department.
— Nursing Home Administrator
I selected Blue Sky Therapy because they were family-owned and embraced and mirrored many core values, namely hard work, attention to detail, providing quality service to our patients and being a good employer
— President of a Multi-Home Organization