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Outpatient Testimonials

"When we first brought my mother in she just sat. It made us all feel worse. The she began her therapy and I really think she enjoyed all the attention. Soon she was up and walking, enjoying the company, getting stronger every day." – Outpatient Patient

"My Grandpa used to get mad when he tried to talk to me. I used to say I could understand him so he wouldn't be sad. Now we talk like we used to." -Outpatient Patient

"Blue Sky Outpatient Therapy offers aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy is beneficial because it de-weights the spinal and joint forces while still allowing the patient to move freely and strengthen the joints and muscles." -Local Physician

"After my accident I thought I would never get out of that chair. The doctor thought my shoulder was shattered. The therapist found it lodged in. After 6 months I was using my arm again. My knee got stronger too and now I never miss my walks with my little Nina." -Outpatient Patient

"I learned a lot of great things from the therapists at Blue Sky. I was so impressed with their knowledge, even things like nutrition and stretching. In the end I was faster and more importantly, smarter."-High School Quarterback

"I walked in to Blue Sky Outpatient Therapy to work out severe back pain. I walked out with a new mindset. It is all about strength-- of the body and the mind. Now every day I make myself do something I didn't do the day before. I am stronger, healthier and grateful to Blue Sky." -Patient