Message from the President/CEO

I am Renèe Halfhill, the President and CEO of Blue Sky Therapy. I had a vision 30 years ago to make an impact in my community and as a result, Blue Sky Therapy evolved. My passion for helping others and serving seniors in my community established Blue Sky as a therapy industry leader in the state of Ohio and beyond.

Blue Sky Therapy was formerly WSB Rehab, which are the initials of my father who was a strong force in my life and in my decision to pursue a career in physical therapy. Initially I thought it would be a great career to combine with family and I was right. Later when the kids were off to school I decided to spread my wings a little bit and took Blue Sky Therapy to the next level. It hasn't happened overnight and without the inevitable turbulence. In fact, after losing my father and facing my first legislative crisis, I was grateful that I did inherit his amazing instinct for foreseeing change coming early on and adapting to that change. That is what is wonderful about our field. No matter how laws govern how we do what we do- they cannot change what we do, which is to provide excellent therapy!

It is a privilege to be able to touch people's lives on a daily basis in such a real and powerful way. I am grateful to work with so many individuals who love what they do as much as I do.

I hope you find our website resourceful and agree that Blue Sky Therapy has a continued commitment to patient-driven quality, excellence, integrity and innovation in everything that we do!

Renèe Halfhill