Renee Bucci Halfhill



Renee has owned and operated Blue Sky Therapy for over 27 years. The company originally names WSB Rehabilitation Services, Inc. for her beloved father William S. Bucci, has experienced steady growth throughout the years. During the year 2005, WSB began to market itself under the name of Blue Sky Therapy.

Renee, a licensed physical therapist, has been heralded for her strong operational management skills and her strategic vision. Renee's passion and industry expertise have been integral to Blue Sky Therapy's success, building the company from a small start up to on that today operates in multiple states. Renee believes if people know where the organization is heading and what is expected of them, both the company and its people will be successful. Renee motivates by action and not words. Renee continues to drive company growth with compassion, appreciation, and respect that goes far beyond great leadership.

Colleen Haddon

Administrative Assistant

Colleen joined the Blue Sky Therapy Team in 2013 and has enjoyed being the voice of Blue Sky Therapy.  Prior to Colleen joining the team she was anAdministrative Assistant for twenty nine years. As an Administrative Assistant, she has worked in various positions such as Human Resources Administrative Assistant as well as Office Manager for a Fortune 500 company and proudly served her Country for over 8 years. Her current role as Administrative Assistant for Blue Sky Therapy includes coordinating all travel as well as daily processes for the Outpatient Therapy Division of our company.  Colleen brings passion to everything she does and is integral part of the Blue Sky Therapy Team.


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