Centers of Excellence

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MIND - Cognitive Program

Blue Sky's MIND is designed to improve the family and staff's ability to understand how to best interact with residents with dementia. By adapting their environment, we can reduce negative resident reactions, as well as improve the dignity and self-worth of the resident by helping them feel useful and appreciated.

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Cardiac Program

Blue Sky's Cardiac Therapy Program was designed in response to an increased need for the rehabilitation of cardiac patients in long term care facilities. The program enables therapists to successfully execute the rehabilitation of residents suffering from cardiac conditions in the safest, most optimal manner. The program focuses on patients with post-acute cardiac events, as well as patients with acute and chronic congestive heart failure.


Incontinence Program

Blue Sky's Incontinence Program is designed to improve the resident's quality of life. The proactive program allows for therapy and nursing staff to work together in reducing the incident of incontinence, increasing the willingness to participate in activities, increasing self-esteem and decreasing the risk for wounds and falls.


Pulmonary Program

The Blue Sky Pulmonary Program is designed to improve theoverall conditions and respiratory status of a patient with a pulmonary condition. By reducing exacerbations, residents will become more confident in participating in activities that may have once cause them anxiety. In addition, re-hospitalizations may be avoided.