Section GG Success Plan

Although part of the MDS, Section GG brings many unique challenges to our teams. Understanding the definitions and coding requirements require a solid plan for education and training. Strategies for Success:

1.Educate, Educate, Educate - anyone who will be responsible for the assessment, observation and documentation in the medical record. This step is critical to ensure that Section GG coding accurately reflects the resident’s performance level and goals.

a. Identify a Trainer

b. Provide guides for terminology and scoring

2.Collaborate - develop an interdisciplinary process to collect information on the resident’s performance through interdisciplinary tracking forms and software integrations.

a. Identify a Team Leader – to ensure compliance with look back periods and monitor the documentation required during this period

b. Identify Therapy Leader responsible for collecting and reviewing the clinical information on current status and anticipated goals with the interdisciplinary team

3.Process Management – identify roles and responsibilities within the process

a. Pre-Admission screening review of information to assist with accurate functional goals

b. Admission communication that is effective for timely completion of evaluations

c. Evaluation process incudes Section GG items for completion in therapy and nursing assessments

d. Daily encounter notes should be completed

e. Post admission meeting within 48-72 hour to develop goals for discharge

f. Pre-discharge meeting to review performance for the last 3 days prior to discharge

4.Documentation – identify documentation methods used to collect data

a. Therapy evaluations, notes and discharge summaries

b. Skilled nursing notes

c. Review of all shift notes during the 3 day look back period – review number of episodes

d. Interdisciplinary team meeting documentation


a. Develop guides for definitions – most usual performance

b. Develop guides for coding – dependent definition

By incorporating these steps into your Section GG transition, you will ensure your team is coding an accurate description of the functional performance of the resident within Section GG