REMINDER: PBJ reports must be submitted by November 14, 2016 for Quarter 3, 2016

All staffing data must be submitted to Medicare for payroll based journal reporting to capture staff and contracted hours during this time frame. The files must include the specific information required by Medicare such as employee specific id, discipline, days and hours worked in an xml format.

As a facility you must log on and obtain a Medicare issued identification number for your facility. Once you have your ID, a provider can then format an upload of the contracted therapy hours to submit to you include in your reporting. This avoids you having to manually enter or collect the contracted hours.

Not reporting your PBJ information can have a significant impact on your 5 STAR rating. The rating for staffing is based on two case-mix adjusted measures:

  1. Total nursing hours per resident day (RN+LPN+ nurse aid hours)
  2. RN hours per resident day

These hours are then calculated based on a formula that includes resident census to obtain each facility staffing rating. This rating is then converted and compared to percentile cut points to achieve your 5 STAR rating for staffing.

Providing accurate and timely reporting will ensure you receive an accurate rating.

5 STAR is comprised of 3 components: health inspections, staffing and quality measures with more stars indicating better quality. Therefore, is critical you submit your PBJ report before the cut -off date of November 14, 2016 to achieve your staffing star!