Would you really rather do it yourself?

You want to operate a Skilled Nursing Facility at maximum service and efficiency – that’s a given.  Another given is to want to do this on a healthy bottom line.  So one of the questions you’ll ask yourself is whether to maintain physical therapy services in-house or contract them out.

There’s a lot to consider in this decision, including the variables: the cost of therapy staffing, net profit to the facility, management, and team cohesiveness.

In considering whether to staff your own physical therapy department, you may be thinking of some obvious temptations:   Simply stated, there is no sharing or splitting of profits when therapists work directly for the facility. You’d have control over operational and clinical decisions – but that’s a two-sided sword, as the responsibility to develop excellent programs falls solely on you and your facility. You may be able to offer the stability and permanence of an in-house therapy job – but that’s a benefit to the therapist, not the facility.

On the other hand, the drawbacks of in-house therapy staffing can be quite prohibitive. You’d be taking on the full financial costs and time requirements of staffing and training your own therapists, and that would include:

  • Payroll, bonuses – and paperwork. To recruit the highest-quality therapists, nursing homes must offer salaries and benefits that will give their facility a “recruiting edge” over other facilities andphysical therapy providers (Blue Sky has a reputation for providing therapists of the highest training and skills). There is no guarantee that a therapist who came on board for a large signing bonus will stay past the required commitment. And yes, the paperwork is all yours!
  •  Staff development costs. There are cost and time requirements of staffing an in-house therapy program and providing ongoing staff training and development programs. And you’ll have to consider that, given the competitive therapy market,  there tends to be a lot of costly turnover.

So, though we at Blue Sky acknowledge there may seem to be a few perks in going with the in-house decision, we think there are compelling reasons to choose contracted services such as ours.

For example, consider the following:

  • Salary savings. By using contract therapy services, you are not directly hit by the high costs of therapists' salaries and benefits. Salary costs can vary widely; for example, therapists often are paid higher salaries in rural areas. Conversely, in those same rural areas, Medicare Part A reimbursement is lower, thereby creating financial challenges for companies paying therapists' salaries.
  • Ease of therapy staffing. Blue Sky and other contract therapy companies cast a wide net for recruiting and staffing, so we can more easily absorb the recruitment costs, in time and money, of hiring therapists. We can re-assign therapists at short notice to handle unexpected demands at your facility.  And, perhaps most important, we conduct our own staff development through education and training, so you don't have to.
  • Customer service advantages. Another area to consider is the customer service relationship between the therapist provider and skilled nursing facility. Any good contract therapy company – and Blue Sky is a good contract therapy company! -- will go to great lengths to ensure every client’s satisfaction, because our very survival depends on it.
  •  … and don’t forget the paperwork!  

We at Blue Sky Therapy are ready to assist your therapy – we’re the experts!

Blue Sky Therapy has a continued commitment to patient-driven quality, excellence, integrity and innovation in everything that we do. That’s why we are scrupulous about planning the treatment of each and every client, and carefully documenting the outcome!

This information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor. Blue Sky disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information.