Wellness during the “Golden Years”

Statistics tell us that one-third of our life is still ahead if we retire at around age 60.  “The Golden Years,” all the ads gush.             

But the glitter can come off quickly when retirement is also accompanied by other factors of aging: the loss of a companion, diagnosis of a serious disease, a weakening body.

If ever there is a time when we must take active control over our own destiny, this is it. By remaining active and healthy – by continuing or beginning to participate in recreation, in community life, in volunteerism, in a new career direction – we can recognize and enjoy the blessings of advanced years.

Plans and goals play a large part in remaining healthy, both physically and mentally. Rejecting a lifestyle of sedentary sameness for one of anticipation and “busy-ness” affects the appetite, sleep patterns, and health in general. Slackened muscles gain tone; mealtimes get put on a regular basis; medications and physician appointments are attended to promptly.

This doesn’t mean one has to go into training for the Boston Marathon. But studies show that gentle exercise has an amazing effect not only on physical fitness but on our mental alertness and our emotional health. It’s why most assisted-living facilities and skilled nursing centers provide some form of physical activity.

Sometimes, in the case of injury or illness, regular physical exercise is uncomfortable or painful.  That’s when the skills of a physical therapist are at their finest: the therapeutic manipulation of limbs, spine and muscles prevents atrophy and “keeps you on your toes” to resume an active lifestyle.

A physical therapist will assess a client’s joint pain, answer questions about exercise and activity, and if needed, recommend further medical or surgical consultation.

Take on the problems one by one and they won’t seem so enormous. Resolve to remain a person of value to yourself and others ... spiritually, physically and intellectually. In the process of helping others, you’ll help yourself to a healthier, stronger life.

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