We’ll serve you at our Outpatient Center, too!

Blue Sky’s outpatient facility on Mahoning Avenue in Champion Township offers spine therapy, physical therapy, aquatic therapy, muscle-loss prevention and wellness classes. Our licensed professionals are experienced therapists with a great passion for re-educating all ages in order to prevent decline and dysfunction.

Here, we treat individuals with musculoskeletal disorders such as back and neck strains or knee injuries, those who have suffered a work-related injury, post-surgical patients, orthopedic patients, and those with neurological deficits such as stroke patients.

Our goal is to restore strength, range of motion, balance and function.

Physical therapy helps clients build strength, endurance, muscle tone, range of motion, hand-eye coordination and balance while decreasing anxiety and boosting energy levels and mood.

To provide these therapies, Blue Sky Outpatient offers on-site aquatics, resistance training, weight-bearing exercise, balance and coordination exercises and orthotic training.

Following a thorough initial evaluation, an individualized treatment program is developed in collaboration with the patient. Programs include education of the patient's diagnosis and self-management strategies. All patients are instructed in a customized Home Exercise Program.

Our staff can assist you with many issues you may be experiencing, including:

    Neurological conditions (Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, strokes, etc.)
    Orthopedic conditions (pain, sprains and strains, fractures, arthritis, etc.)
    Post-Surgical therapy (total joint replacements, fractures, etc.)
    Balance issues (with or without a history of falls)
    Weakness and re-conditioning (as a result of illness or other medical problems)

A prescription from your doctor is all we need to begin scheduling your sessions with physical therapy. Our team, in conjunction with your doctor, will begin designing an individual care plan and home program that's right for you!