Blue Sky Therapy: nearly 30 years of compassionate caring

You’re likely to meet us, sooner or later.

Even the healthiest, most active and physically fit among us ages.  And with the years come changes that affect how much our bodies can do – it’s just the nature of life.

But today’s “seniors” are like none we’ve seen before.  They insist on getting the very best out of life and they don’t let a few obstacles get in the way.  They’ve worked hard for these retirement years as a chance to finally realize their lifelong dreams: they start new businesses, they become skilled at a beloved sport — some of them become models. Many become caregivers for loved ones.

When the time comes to enter a skilled nursing facility or an assisted-living facility, these elders don’t leave their independence behind. Determined to stay in optimum condition, they expect their new home to offer programs to help keep their bodies and minds functioning — programs such as socializing, activities, games — and therapy to aid in recovery from any setbacks. That’s where Blue Sky Therapy comes in.

The federal Department of Health and Human Services sets out guidelines that all skilled nursing facilities must follow: All therapy must be “reasonable, necessary, specific, and effective treatment for the patient’s condition.” The therapy must be ordered by a physician, require the skills of a qualified therapist, and be dictated by a written treatment plan that includes “specific and measurable functional goals” and a reasonable estimate of when those goals will be attained. It should describe specific therapeutic services, the frequency of visits, and the duration of therapy.

 We’re happy to say that  Blue Sky Therapy’s more than 500 healthcare professionals  — Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Language Pathologists— providing services under these guidelines in 50+ skilled nursing facilities, assisted and independent living centers, and outpatient therapy clinics in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and Florida.

Blue Sky’s rehabilitation services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and outpatient therapy. Each partnership is assigned a Regional Operations Manager and Rehab Manager, whose tasks/ primary responsibility is to oversee/ensure appropriate care through screening, planning, and tracking outcomes. They clinically and financially manage the entire therapy program.

In a random sampling of 24 skilled nursing facilities nationwide, the DHHS found that most skilled nursing facility patients were appropriate candidates for physical and occupational therapy, and they benefited from therapy.  

Most patients received appropriate therapy interventions for their initial medical conditions, the study found, and at least two-thirds of patients achieved their treatment goals. Most patients would not have achieved similar levels of function without therapy, the study also found.

Our therapy team continually receives training through in-house education programs-the Blue Sky Institute. Our sky high employee retention rate helps to ensure a personal and productive partnership.

Renée Halfhill, our President and CEO, says, “Our core values of patient-driven quality, excellence, and integrity drive us in everything we do. As our name implies, our overriding goal is to provide clients and patients with a ‘Sky’s the Limit’ approach.”

Halfhill is a Licensed Physical Therapist who established Blue Sky Therapy in 1986 as a way to combine her training with care for her family.  The business grew even beyond her expectations, but it never grew away from its people-centeredness. 

That’s because, in Renée’s own words, “At the heart of all of our work is compassion and a sincere hope to make individuals stronger, maintain independence and improve their quality of life.”

So if the time comes when you meet us, remember our name, and what we’ll strive to help you achieve. The sky’s the limit.