PT Post-Surgery

Swelling, pain, bruising, and even loss of motion are all things that affect people after they undergo surgery, especially those elderly patients.  Getting up and moving post surgery is vital for recovery and pain management. Blue Sky Therapy will customize treatment to a clients specific conditions, all leading towards one goal, to strengthen them!

Physical Therapy right after surgery can help with an array of different things.

  • Improves blood circulation; Decreases swelling by removing the fluid that builds up in your body. You will heal faster if you get the blood flowing!
  • Increases your strength faster; Re-injury is common after surgery. Strength is so important because weakness leads to re-injury.
  • Helps range of motion; Exercise helps you move your injured limb as far as possible and you will heal a lot faster!

Strengthening your body by undergoing physical therapy can reduce the stress of recovery. You will begin to feel better at a quicker pace than if you did not undergo therapy. Physical Therapy at Blue Sky will help restore your body and benefit you immensely in the future.

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