The importance of exercise over 50

Fitness overall is something important that should be a part of every individual’s life, but committing to a workout plan over the age of 50 is one of the most important decisions seniors can make!  Physical activity is something most dread to do but need to find time for. The benefits to staying active as seniors are unlimited, so why not make it a part of your lifestyle instead of just sweeping it under the rug. There are plenty of things that seniors can do to make exercising more enjoyable as a part of an everyday lifestyle-here are just a few!

  • Listen to music while lifting weights or stretching
  • Window shop while walking laps at the mall
  • Get competitive and start playing tennis
  • Take photographs on a nature hike
  • Meet new people at a yoga class
  • Watch a new movie while on the treadmill
  • Take a friend with you to walk, stretch, or strength train

There are many ways to incorporate enjoyable things into a workout plan. First find which activities and exercises you enjoy and how you can incorporate them into your individual plan and life!

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