Happy National Rehab Week!

National Rehabilitation Awareness Celebration Week is indeed a “CELEBRATION”. We celebrate the patients and their courage, the therapists and their gift, the stories and memories, but most of all we celebrate the journey to recovery!

It is so easy to take what you do for granted if you do it on a daily basis. Everyday our therapists assist multiple patients and those multiple patients a day turns into thousands of patients a year. Blue Sky Therapy understands that these patients are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, loved ones etc. Although rehabilitation can somewhat become a routine we understand that every interaction matters, and every interaction changes a life! Every day is a chance to be our best and bring out the best in our patients. To Blue Sky therapy, everyday week is chance to celebrate rehabilitation awareness.  We THANK all of our therapists for what they do and the lives that they change every day!  Our slogan at Blue Sky Therapy is Changing Lives isn't just something we say; it's what we do!