Blue Sky is TEAM VINCE!

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There is no better feeling than to hear the stories and watch the journeys of the patients we have in therapy each and every day.  The relationship that a therapist has with a patient is indescribable.  When a team of therapists are all a part of one patient's journey, the feeling is magical!

This is a story of Vince, a young CVA patient at Nugent Convalescent Home where Blue Sky Therapists are involved in his everyday treatment.  Vince arrived at the facility with little function and has made leaps in bounds in therapy over the span of a few months.  After much hard work and a new wheel chair he is now able to self-propel to get himself around the facility! 

The Blue Sky team had high hopes for Vince when he arrived at the facility.  His determination, ambition and amazing attitude have made our hopes a reality!  The Blue Sky Team is so very proud of Vince and will be by his side every step of the way through his journey!

Blue Sky Therapy is TEAM VINCE!