Baby Boomers, Social Media and Census...How are they related?

When we think of who is using social media, we tend to think of younger individuals.  But did you know that 43% of Americans over 65 use at least one social networking site! According to a Mashable article, "Seniors are fastest social media adopters in the U.S."

Has your long-term care facility thought about incorporating social media into your marketing strategy to attract more residents?  Now that the baby boomers are using social media, there is a greater chance they will find your facility via a social networking site. Once they find you on social media, they have the opportunity to view information about your facility, pictures of your residents, as well as see all the events that are happening.  Don't you think seeing pictures of your residents having fun will make them smile? IT WILL! Social media will increase brand awareness and make your facility more attractive to prospects.

Now that we know boomers outside of the long-term care facilities are using social media, have you thought about how many of your residents would "like" to be engaged with social networking?  The smiles on their faces will be priceless when they Skype with their grandchildren who are away at college or when they follow their families on Facebook and come across pictures from the family picnic. Incorporating social media into the list of many activities you have for residents to do at your facility can make a significant difference.

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Source: Mashable. "Seniors Are Fastest Social Media Adopters in U.S."