Active Aging and Your Body...

Did you know that every hour of every day, 330 Americans turn 60? At this age, people lose muscle mass and strength, flexibility and bone.  Jane E. Brody, in her article, ""Fit not Frail: Exercise as a Tonic for Aging" tells us that, "the resulting frailty leads to a loss of mobility and independence."

A routine exercise plan is crucial now so that your body is prepared for what the future holds.  Take 30 minutes a day to exercise and you will begin to notice a huge difference in improving how your joints and bones function.  Just ask any Physical Therapist.  They are keen on educating about the importance of a routine exercise plan to increase mobility and independence in elderly adults.

The article, "Fit not Frail: Exercise as a Tonic for Aging", written by Jane Brody, gives us a series of physical activity recommendations for older Adults:

 •    Outdoor exercise; brisk walking, cycling, lap swimming, or jogging.
Focuses on: Aerobic training for heart, lungs, and circulation.
•    Indoor exercise; treadmill, cross-trainer, step machine, or exercise bike.
Focuses on: Reducing stress on joints, bones, and soft tissue, enhance stability and reduce risk of falls.
•    Strength training; series of machines, light weights, and resistant bands.
Focuses on: Reducing risk of muscle fatigue, and improving balance.

Brody, Jane. "Fit not Frail: Exercise as a Tonic for Aging." New York Times, 24 Jun 2008. Web. 31 Jul 2013.