The Importance of Part B Therapy

Written By: Kathy Boyarko, PT, CDP, Program Development Manager

With all of the changes in the long term care rehab industry, such as the MMR process and auditing, it may be tempting to think that we should not be picking up Part B residents for fear of denial.  However it is important that we understand that although Medicare is trying to cut expenses, they are obligated to pay for therapy services to those who need and deserve them.  So when recommendations are made regarding denial prevention, the point is not to stop seeing Part B residents; it is to simply make sure to that the care provided is skilled and the documentation demonstrates that skill.

Simply reducing the number of Part B resident seen would prevent denials, but it would also be unfair to our residents and devastating to our bottom line and the future of our industry.  As therapists, now is not the time to back away and underrate the importance of therapy, it is the time to fight to show what a difference we do make with our patients and that our skilled care is needed. 

At Blue Sky Therapy we assist our therapists in helping to build a Part B caseload and justify the services that we give through good documentation to prevent denial of our services.  We do this through several programs including a helping hands program, weekly documentation tips, annual documentation webinars, online training videos providing many documentation samples of various scenarios for specific patient types as well as sample ADR cover letters, and of course auditing to ensure good follow and an employee recognition program to reward excellence in documentation from our staff.