A smile can go a LONG way!

Are you the type of person that loves to smile or you would like to smile more?  Do you know how much a smile can change your life? A smile, says Crystal Lee, an eHow Contributor, can help you start living a healthy, active life. “Age is nothing but a number. Your health and energy level truly determine your age, contrary to the chronological number.”  A healthy lifestyle can be a smile away and in the long term, can help decrease your chances of developing diseases like obesity, diabetes, and some cancers. Here are your simple instructions!

·        Watch what you eat and eat in moderation. Your body needs everything!

·        Stay active to keep your heart muscles pounding.

·        Drop the soda and indulge in the H2O.

·        Make sure to sleep 6-8 hours.

·        Don’t forget to smile, stay positive.

Remember that your age is only a number.  The tranquility of your mind and how physically fit you are determines your real age. Continue to make healthy lifestyle changes and remember to keep a smile on your face.

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