Staying Active to Stay Young!

Time is flying by but one thing remains the same for people between the ages of 1946 and 1964, to stay forever young. Many baby boomers are busy on their path to healthiness and immortality. According to the National Institute on Aging, next to improving diet and shunning tobacco, nothing a person does increases life expectancy more than exercising. It is said that exercise it great for many things including your body and mind.

However, it does not come without risks. A local news station in El paso, Texas posted five ways, plus a bonus, on how boomers can stay safe and have fun while exercising.

•   Know your limitations

•   Try something new

•   Take control

•   Spice rack resources

•   Boost your metabolism

•   Recharge at night.

“Avoid medications that mask pain coming from strained or damaged tissues,” says Jyl Steinback, author of “Superfoods:  Cook Your Way to Health,” and executive director of “Instead, consider a homeopathic medicine, such as Arnicare Gel, that works naturally with the body to help it heal and won’t interfere with other medications you’re taking. I bring it with me whenever I exercise.”

They recommend working with a skilled, licensed trainer at first, until you can create your own custom workout. Do not let pains and aches stop you from having a regular exercise routine. With these six tricks, you can exercise pain free and safer than ever.

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