Functional Outcome Reporting Deadline Approaching

Written By: Kathy Boyarko, PT, CDP, Program Development Manager

We are down to the wire now with only 1 month left of the trial period for functional outcome reporting of Medicare Part B Therapy services.  If you are a therapist who treats Part B patients and you have not yet begun your reporting, you only have 1 month to practice and work out all of the bugs. 

  • For example, what do you do when you see a patient for an evaluation only? 
  • What happens if you are seeing a patient for maintenance therapy only and your end status is not likely to be different from you onset status? 
  • What about situations when a patient is low level and there are not any common Functional Assessment Tools that would be appropriate for them? 
  • What do you report for an end status if your patient is admitted to the hospital and a non-billable discharge summary is done?

At Blue Sky, our therapists were initially trained in February and we have had continuous online and webinar training for new employees or employee who need a review.  We also provide continuous training based on the various situations that our therapists find challenging as in the above scenarios.  We have provided sample patients/reporting situations for these scenarios, including an evaluation only, low level patients, maintenance therapy and general patients for each discipline.   These samples help our therapists to view an example and give them ideas for how to code appropriately and objectively. 

The importance of proper outcome reporting cannot be emphasized enough as the future of our industry may very well depend on the results of this data collection.  So if you have not yet begun your reporting, make sure to get started and do the best job that you can to demonstrate the good outcomes that we bring to our patients every day!