Functional Outcome Assessments

Written By: Kathy Boyarko, PT, CDP, Program Development Manager

Now that Medicare is requiring Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists to report functional outcomes and severity ratings, most of us are using Functional Outcome Assessments more than ever.  However, once you’ve performed an assessment, how do you then take that score and convert it to the appropriate G-code severity rating? 

Well some test score are easy to convert because they are a numeric value that you can take a percentage of.  For example in the Tinetti balance test there are a total of 28 possible points.  You can take that number of 28 and determine the various percentages of it to come up with the G-code severity rating:

Tinetti Score                             Severity % impaired, limited or restricted

22.4-28                                                                  1-19%

16.8-22.4                                                               20-39% 

11.2-16.8                                                                40-59% 

5.6-11.2                                                                  60-79% 

<5.6                                                                       80-100% 

Obviously the patient is not going to score a decimal number on the test, but this is just a breakdown of the percentage.  If they score a 5, 11, 16 or 22, then you can use your judgment on which category to place them in based on the rest of your evaluation. 

Using test scores in this way helps us to justify the severity rating we give in the most objective way possible.