How do you spell Rehab- SUCCESS!

One of the greatest gifts a therapist can give to a resident is the ability to function as normal after under-going short-term rehab treatments. Recently, one of our therapy teams received high remarks from an Orthopedic Surgeon about the progress that his patient was making while receiving therapy through one of our facilities.

A patient came to our Blue Sky Therapists after tearing his quadriceps tendon for the third time. The goal was to put him through regimented therapy treatments and get him back to where he was before his last injury. In as little as three weeks, he was able to bend his knee to 110 degrees and could walk independently, transfer, and care for himself with some adaptive equipment. When this patient's orthopedic surgeon saw him for his follow-up appointment, he was amazed at his progress and personally congratulated the Blue Sky Therapy staff on a job well done!

There is no better feeling than to hear a success story such as this!

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