We appreciate our Physical Therapists and Assistants!

National Physical Therapy Month is a month to THANK and APPRECIATE all of our physical therapists and physical therapy assistants. We send a BIG thank you for making a difference, improving lives every day and helping people to remain active throughout their lives.

Therapists aid people to walk for the first time or regain the ability to move. Their healing hands, compassion and drive mold people to be the best that they can physically be. From the athlete who is treated in an outpatient clinic to a resident who receives treatment at a skilled nursing facility, mobility is very important as we strive to stay active and independent through our lives; without a therapist, this would not be possible. Our Blue Sky Therapists strive for the personal satisfaction of changing lives every day. Thank you to the Blue Sky Therapists, we honor your hard work and the inspiration you bring to many lives; and most importantly, WE HONOR YOU!