About Blue Sky, Past & Present

Who is Blue Sky?
Who is Blue Sky
Founded in 1986 as a family business, created by therapists and still is focused on serving each patient with quality programs and a reliable friendly staff. Well-known in the industry for resident-centered care, we've set the standard in providing physical, occupational and speech therapy to residents and our patients.
Year Established
Blue Sky was Established in 1986
Our Combined Care-Giving Experience: >120 Years
People Needing Care People Giving Care
Needing and Giving
Integrity and excellence with a team of dedicated professionals who are valued and empowered to perform at the highest level. Bringing together the best in personalized patient care, innovative therapy programs and quality tools to maximize outcomes for our patients.
Team Tenure
Longest Tenured Employee: >26 years and counting!
Enterprise Certification
Awarded by Women's Business Enterprise National Council

Renee Halfhill

Renee Halfhill
LPT, CEO & President
I feel it is a privilege to be able to touch people’s lives on a daily basis in such a real and powerful way. I am grateful to work with so many individuals who love what they do as much as I do. My passion for helping others and serving my community established Blue Sky as a therapy industry leader.

My father was a strong influence in my life and a strong reason for starting my own therapy company which has transformed into Blue Sky Therapy. I felt this career opportunity would suit my growing family. This translated into one of our priorities which is to support our staff and their families. Our attitude about helping and supporting is so critical to long term health. How we do what we do cannot change unless our attitude changes. What we do is provide excellent therapy!

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